10 Job Hunting Tips For Recent College Graduates

November 23, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

You’re a recent college graduate, you’re eager, you’re hungry, but you’re unemployed. Now what?

1.Make sure your resume is posted, or refreshed, on the to major job boards(Monster, CareerBuilder, HotJobs), school job boards, and association sites.

2. Make sure relevant key words, including courses are on your resume in the format that they would be searched. Employers use search tools to find candidates. If you don’t have the keywords if the exact way they are searched your resume may not come up in the desired order.

3.Clean up your Facebook profile. There are tools like Xobni that allow employers to quickly view your Facebook profile. If you wouldn’t like a perspective employer to see your spring break pictures or your Halloween costume, make those pictures private, or remove them completely.

4. Get on Facebook for adults: Create your professional profile and connect to as many friends and associates as possible.

5. Network, Network, Network. Getting your first job on your own is harder than ever. It’s better to ask your parents and relatives for help finding a job, than to ask them for helping in paying your student loan.

6. Leverage. Use job board aggregators such as and create search agents on the job boards so you will be alerted immediately when a new job comes up.

7. Don’t spend all day searching the internet, there is no end. Allocate a certain amount of time per week (8 hours max) to searching the internet. Spend time on to other tasks such as networking, job fairs and alumni events. Searching all day, everyday, wont create any new jobs for you.

8. Consider taking other courses or getting a higher degree. Filling in the gaps in your skill set will help make you more marketable.

9. Set reasonable expectations. Disappointment is a product of expectation, set reasonable expectations and expect that it will take longer than it has for graduates of previous years.

10. Be optimistic. Having a positive outlook not only relays well in an interview it keeps you energized and focused in your search.

Source by Fred Dimyan

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