10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search: Everything You Need to Get the Job You Want in 24 Hours or Less

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10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search offers a complete step-by-step roadmap on how to get the job you want– fast–even in tough times! This book will motivate you, increase your self-confidence, and show you how to sell yourself so companies want to hire you. You’ll have an unfair advantage when searching for a job! In this book, Todd Bermont shares with you the secrets he has learned to find a job in any economy, secrets that he used to get six job offers his senior year of college, to land three job offers in one week during a recession, and to earn numerous job promotions since. Additionally, having also been a hiring manager, Todd gives you a behind-the-scenes look into the hiring process that will give you another unfair advantage.

With 10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search, you’ll:– Discover the job you really want– Convince companies to hire youG++º–¼even when no positions are available– Write attention-grabbing resumes and cover letters– Network and market yourself to maximize your job opportunities– Learn how to negotiate your job offers to receive top dollar

10 Insider Secrets to a Winning Job Search clearly demonstrates the many similarities between job hunting and selling–from how to develop a positive attitude and identify your key selling points to comprehensive preparation and successful interviewing. You’ll feel so confident and have such a good game plan that you’ll actually look forward to interviews and enjoy the process–especially when the job offers pour in!

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