Write Credit Dispute Letters

Are you ready to write a credit dispute letter, but don’t quite know where to start? Well these tips will help you to know exactly what to do so that you can get the deletions you’re looking for.

1. Type your dispute letters on a type writer or a computer word processor.

Using a program like Microsoft Word, Word Perfect or Open Office will help you to make your letter clean and professional. Credit bureaus will not accept hand written dispute letters, so be sure to type your letter out.

2. Write a different letter with each credit bureau’s address and name on it.

Every credit bureau is their own entity, and they will not honor a letter that is addressed to all credit bureaus.

3. Include your account name and account number in your letter for each account you are disputing as well as a reason why you are disputing that item.

If your account number has Xs in it, include them. Type the account information the same way it looks on your hard copy or online credit report.

4. Dispute all items as “This account is not mine” first.

This will allow the credit bureaus to do their own thorough verification of that account. If it comes back as verified, you will need to send additional letters out, or, finally settle the account.

5. Include a portion of the Fair Credit Reporting Act sections to back up what you are saying.

The credit bureaus will take your letter more seriously if they can see that you know what you are talking about. Siting the sections of the Fair Credit Reporting Act will help hold them to the proper agreement.

These are some great basic tips for you to take when writing your own dispute letter.

Source by Tamara Rasheed