Why Ex-Offenders Need A Statement of Facts When Job Searching

A statement of facts is a letter of explanation given to employers regarding your conviction(s). Developing a statement of facts will be integral to your job search success. By preparing anticipated answers to the employer’s questions ahead of time and putting them in writing you will relieve a lot of pressure during the actual job interview.

A good statement of facts typically answers the following for employers:

1. What you were convicted of.

2. Where you were convicted.

3. When you were convicted.

4. What you were sentenced to.

5. When you completed your sentence.

6. How you rehabilitated yourself.

7. What you learned from this experience.

8. How they will benefit from hiring you.

It is a given that at some point during the job search process you may be asked about your crime. Please bear in mind that you are not required to go into the details of your crime. Expounding on the details of your crime will not help you in getting a job and opens you up to additional questions from employers that you may or may not be prepared to answer. It is for this reason that you should keep your statements short.

If you do a good job in writing your statement of facts you may not be asked any questions about your crime during the interview. This is because you will have already answered the majority of the questions they have with regard to your conviction and the benefits available to them for hiring you.

You should use a statement of facts anytime you are asked about your crime. For example, you can put a copy with a job application, in your employment portfolio and also have it available during job interviews to help you stay focused. Remember, the focus of the interview should be on your skill set and what you can do for the company and not on the fact that you have a criminal record.

Give only as much information is necessary regarding your crime. Focus on what you have done to rehabilitate yourself since your crime took place. Put emphasis on the federal hiring benefits that are available to employers who hire felons such as the $2,400 Work Opportunity Tax Credit and the Federal Bonding Program. Encourage employers to contact your local One Stop Career Center if they need more information about these federal programs.

You will find that having a well written statement of facts will give you more confidence during the job search process and take away much of the pressure that is normally experienced in the job interview. As a reminder, when job searching online or offline it is important to make sure to have either a digital copy on a jump drive and/or physical copies on hand.

Source by Sheila Savage