UBC Careers Online

UBC careers online is a service the school offers to help you find a job after graduating. That’s the point of going to college right, to find yourself a good job. The University of British Columbia has approximately 50,000 students, they advertise that as a good thing, but in my opinion, being a former college student, I like the more personal touch of a smaller school. I attended The University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg which was a smaller college, about 20 or 30 students per class room. I also went to The University of Pittsburgh at Oakland, which is a large school with 100 or more students per class room. When your professors don’t know who you even are sometimes it’s very difficult to communicate with them about important information you may need as a student. I have a friend who is a UBC student, although he likes the campus and enjoys going there, he agreed with me saying that it is very hard to have a connection with any of his professors.

College careers have become a part of our society today. It is commonly believed that to have a good career you must graduate from college. For most careers that is probably true, but I don’t believe that’s always the case (I will get to good careers that do not take a college degree later).

Now think about how many majors at UBC there are. Hundreds of them to pick from, some where you can make a lot of money. These majors take years to complete and those who can’t get a job after completing college use UBC careers online to try to land that job.

Source by Tyler Davis