Improve Your Memory For Higher Exam Grades

Want to know the importance of memory skills in your life?

It’s not just remembering the words to a song (unless you’re the lead singer in a band), or remembering the combination to your bike lock. It’s not even remembering your boyfriend’s step mother’s last name.

Memory function is one of the biggest determinants to getting good grades in school. And that’s important…success in school can determine what college you go to…or even if you go to college. Grades can help you land that plumb job after college. Your GPA is going to make a big difference in your life, for better or for worse.

Good memory function, in turn, can make a difference to your GPA, and therefore your life. If you’re after better grades, you will need to hone your memory skills. That means getting better at storing information and pulling it out when you need it (like during an exam).

The good news is just about anyone can improve study techniques that involve memory.

Linking your Memory and Your Grades

You probably wonder just how your GPA is tied to your memory.

It starts with those pesky quizzes, exams, and essays. If you can think rationally, you can probably ace the essays. But even essays call on you to provide information, something your memory techniques can help with. And the pop quizzes and tests definitely demand that you store and recall information. That’s memory function.

Recalling information is the number one job of your memory function. And your GPA is completely memory-dependent.

Just how do you study for a test or a quiz? Are you one of those types who put your feet up on the desk, open the notebook, and starts reading the notes over and over again? Do you find yourself sound asleep half an hour later? You probably don’t try any memorization techniques, or check on memorization training. You just read the information over and over and hope it gets absorbed. You cross your fingers that the data will return when you write the exam.

You know, when you face the truth that this “method” doesn’t really work. It’s because you are trying to bully your memory function into submission. What you really need to do is learn how to work with your memory, not against it. Too often, when you try to bully your memory into submission, information will just fly out the window. There will be no reward for all your hard work. Alas, that list of historical dates will just be a jumble of numbers.

So why not check out some studying tips on improving your memory. You’ve got nothing to lose, after all. Check out our memorization techniques and brain exercises. You’ll notice a real difference.

Source by Andre B Thunestvedt