Data Entry FAQ’s

If you’re looking for jobs online then you would have noticed that there are a lot of companies advertising data entry jobs. For those who don’t know what data entry jobs are and what they entail you’ve come to the right place because this article has the answers to the most commonly asked questions about this type of work.

1 – What exactly is it exactly?

This is the first question that people ask when they see these jobs advertised, but it’s also the hardest to answer because there are so many different types of data entry jobs around today. The best answer is that this type of job is exactly what the name suggests; you enter data. Most commonly you will be asked to transfer data from one form such as a hand written paper or a scanned image from a page of a book and you will have to type this into a work document or a specific database program. However, medical and legal typing jobs are other forms of this type of work.

2 – Is this all?

Actually no; there are a few other types of jobs in this field. These are commonly reserved for people who have more industry knowledge and are in office positions. Most administrative positions are advertised for someone who has these entry skills as they will be taking care of the office databases while fulfilling their other duties. Database technicians are jobs reserved for people who have a lot of skills and knowledge running and maintaining large databases.

3 – What do I need to do to be qualified to apply for data entry jobs?

Very little in fact. Most online advertisements for positions are looking for people who can type at speeds between 40 and 60 wpm and who have experience using text editing software and spreadsheets. You’ll also need a good eye for detail and have the ability to maintain a high level of output despite the sometimes monotonous work.

4 – Where can I find this type of work?

Because this is such a valued skill there are many sites constructed purely to help people who need clerks to find them. Some of these sites require that you give them a lot of personal information or that you pay for registration; most of these are scams. There are some freelance work websites that have sections devoted to this field. You can also check in a local newspaper and ask at the local unemployment office or job skills centre.

I hope this article has taught you everything you need and want to know about data entry jobs.

Source by Muhammad F Mazher