Carpel Tunnel Court House Office Worker and Hard Work Ethic – Case Study

In a world where 35% of those on disability aren’t really all that disabled and are actually able to work, it’s nice to see someone who does have an excuse but refuses to take it. In fact, I met someone like that not too long ago at a local area coffee shop. I was so impressed with this very nice young lady, I wanted to make mention of it to all my readers. Let me explain.

You see, I met this gal who was working at the courthouse, and she was busy doing data entry. You can imagine with all the layoffs and cutbacks how much extra each worker has to work to input all of that data. Well, this gal had gotten carpal tunnel and she had a big wrist brace. I asked what happened, and she explained her situation. She actually qualified for disability insurance and since she worked for the county, she could’ve easily gotten her paycheck each week without going into work.

Still, she didn’t feel that would be proper, that’s not the way she was raised, she felt she could do other jobs which would not include data entry. He stayed on the job, and is waiting for her wrist to heal, while she works. That impresses me. The reason is very simple. Many people have used the disability route to continue to get a paycheck rather than being laid off, or using up their unemployment insurance. There have been many studies, not just by right-leaning think tanks, but there was even one in CFO magazine explaining the billions of dollars we are losing each year from people being on disability who shouldn’t be.

Many of these people are perfectly healthy, and to do all sorts of other jobs. Interestingly enough, I can remember I was in a motorcycle accident in my late 20s. Since I was self-employed, so there was nothing I could do without a lot of aggravation. Thus, I went to work on crutches, and I was running a mobile fleet washing business. I’m not sure it was even safe for me to work, but I wasn’t one to try to get a free ride, or cash in on my insurance policy for loss of income. No, I continued to work just like this young lady did.

So, when I see other people trying to get out on disability, and then hanging out at the coffee shop all day receiving their full paycheck, and doing so on the taxpayers dime, or at the expense of an employer’s insurance policy it irks me a bit. Indeed I hope you will please consider all this and think on it.

Source by Lance Winslow