Are You Someone Who Can Get Things Done?

November 24, 2020 Facebook Twitter LinkedIn Google+ Blog

Less than ten percent of the people in any group will actually try to think about, identify and perform the activities that will move the project forward. Most people will simply do their jobs, while others do less than expected or may even work against the goal.

Getting things done involves a combination of things – Someone:

1. Willing to Accept the Responsibility for the process and the outcome

2. Who can Develop and Execute the Plan

3. Who has the Intelligence / Knowledge / Skills that are needed

4. With the Determination to accomplish the goal

5. With both Creativity and Problem Solving ability

6. Who is willing to take a few calculated Risks

7. Who has People & Consensus Building Skills

8. With solid Communication Skills

9. Who can achieve the desired Results

Employers look for examples of the qualities that will help them succeed. Graduating students who can provide such examples and tell stories about their thinking and performance can interest potential employers.

Having a degree in your field, with little or no job-related experience and few examples of successes in your activities, will put you in the middle of a very large group of candidates. That is not where you want to be.

Getting a good education is critical. However, all of your learning should not take place in the classroom. Students should get out there and participate in activities and/or work in a part-time job begin to develop their capabilities in other areas. This is where students find out what they can do and what others think of them. These activities and work experiences give them the stories, examples and references they can use on their résumés and during the interviews that lead to the best jobs.

The students who receive the best job offers are the ones who deserve the best job offers. They have intentionally developed and followed a personal plan that leads to greater success in the job market. Getting things done is practical and real, not theoretical.

In theory, all students who graduate with an ‘A’ average should make great employees. However, that is not true. Employers know that book learning alone is not the best way to prepare for the world of work. In most cases, employers want candidates who get their hands dirty, fight for their successes, solve real world problems and over achieve in the workplace.

When students understand the qualities that employers seek, they can structure their college experience in ways that will clearly set themselves apart from other college seniors. Developing and demonstrating the most desirable job-related qualities and results should be the goal of all career focused students.

Are you someone who can get things done?

Source by Bob Roth

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